Cushman & Wakefield’s Minnesota-based team of dedicated lodging professionals blends operational and capital markets expertise to deliver complete hospitality capital markets solutions. Working with all major brands of franchise-affiliated full and limited-services hotels and resorts, independent boutiques, conference centers and venues, Ronn Thomas and Tim Storey provide targeted advisory and a focused plan that will result in the achievement of your investment or sales objective.


Advisory &

  • Detailed review of all due diligence and market research
  • Carefully consider all value-add opportunities in order to maximize value
  • Preparation of comprehensive marketing materials
  • Address all issues and potential challenges before going to market


  • Personal senior-level presentations
  • Immediately address all questions and due diligence requests
  • Attend and/or manage all property tours
  • Create a competitive bidding environment
  • Present the opportunity to large targeted investor community


  • Knowledge of owner’s objectives
  • Thorough understanding of bidders underwriting
  • Evaluate the qualifications, credibility, and ability to close for each bidder
  • Provide comparison of bids and present recommendations
  • Oversee all aspects of negotiation

Due Diligence
& Closing

  • Supervise all due diligence
  • Maintain time pressure on all parties
  • Eliminate or minimize chance of “re-trading”
  • Work with attorneys to quickly resolve all open issues
  • Participate in all “open-item” conference calls to ensure timely transaction closing